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Author Topic:   Digital Scales Question...and a thought.
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posted July 15, 2000 03:34 PM  
Originally posted by jammin:
Guys, I was wondering what everyone does on their digital scales when they scale their car out....On the front of the car, when you jack it up, and set it down on the scales, because of the geometry of the front end, the tires want to spread out.....This movement, if not mobilized, will actually bind up the suspension and give you false readings on your scales...What I am wondering is what are you guys doing about the actual movement to either float or take this bind out of the front when your scaling...We have Rebco Digitals and I was noticing when we were playing with them, that this was going to be a problem...This is what my thoughts are. If I were to take two pieces of flat aluminum, say 1/4" thick and make them larger than the actual scales, then I could sandwich them with quite a bit of grease in the middle, on both sides. Then if you sit the scales on top, it will spread as the tires spread on the way down. You can also turn your wheels exactly the same as if you were on a turnplate. If you are careful about lining them up, then you can also use a protractor and measure the actual degrees that your wheels are turned, just like a turnplate. This could save some money I think and do exactly the same thing. This is just an idea....Give me some input if possible. Thanks.


Jamming What i did was build four wood platforms 14 in.x 18 in.the same height as the scales.Place these centered under each wheel then lift each front wheel from lower control arm and set it back down.This will let front wheels set like they should.Place scales in front of wheels and roll car on scales.When adjusting car roll car onto pads and shake it down then roll back onto scales.Hold steering as you roll car so the wheels do not turn. Dan

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posted July 16, 2000 05:52 AM  

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posted July 18, 2000 12:20 PM  
Square tubing frame with four casters---high enough to work under car---can turn front wheels with no bind.

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posted July 29, 2000 04:51 PM  


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posted July 30, 2000 01:46 PM  
Jammin...we did the same thing. We made platforms in front and in the rear of the scales, the same height as the scales and could make changes to the car by rolling it forward or backward and changing springs or whatever and rolling it forward and backward over the scales to get things to settle in and then stop on the scales with no distortion or bind to the scales.This also works when trying to zero scales between weighings. Alot easier than jacking up each wheel and clearing it out. It works realy well. Also just a footnote and I'm sure you already know this, but be sure your floor area that the scales are resting on is absolutely level or the weights will be misleading. We had someone come in with a transit and find the highest scale and raised the other three so they were all the same height and level to one another. What a difference that made in the car. Hope this helps !!

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posted July 30, 2000 07:29 PM  
If your using ramps this wouldnt be as much of a problem, BUT, if you using a floor jack to raise the car onto the scales, this is a huge problem. When you lift the car, insert the scales under the front, and let it down, if those scales do not have a way to move freely, the chassis will bind. Most digitals do not have wheels on the bottom to move outward with this movement. This means your scaling figures will be completely off. If you bounce it, it will still be off because it can not move freely. As for this post being elemetary, I dont think so, I think some people do not realize that this happens when the front suspension settles. I saw this happen when we first started using digitals. We had some of Mad Racing Scales when I started that had wheels on the front and you could really see what it did with those. Just a thought. These posts on here, no matter how elemetary are to help people, I dont think we should judge how elementary a post is.

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