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Dan Royal
Dirt Roller

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posted June 09, 2000 08:38 AM  

Ifyou were standing where motor should be facing front and looking down at center of chassis.The right arm is pointing straight ahead. Theleft arm is pointing straight ahead an also angles to left .Exampel. From cente of chassis to right arm at tie rod hookup 30".Fromcenter to left arm at tie rod hookup 303/4". Had to replace spindles this is the way new ones came in .Call and was told this gives better akerman steer in corners to make car work better..With same setup now car gers a little loose at middle and at exit.Driver said it is like you might jerk the wheel to kick car loose.Also left front runs more heat on inside now. Do you think this steering affect might be toeing out an breaking car loose? Thanks DR21

Dirt Administrator

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posted June 10, 2000 12:12 AM  
Well, the ackerman changes are to make it steer straigher when the wheels are turned, not make it worse, sounds to me like something is out of wack. If your running more heat on the inner portion, this means exactly what you said, either the camber is off, or it is toeing out. If it toes out, then it would be like you putting on the brakes on the RF, which will make the car loose. Did you take lap times before and after? That might have helped also.
Just a thought.

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