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Author Topic:   D-55 or any tire rule ?????
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posted May 02, 2000 10:29 PM  
Why do they even have a tire rule like D-55's , D-35's. From what I here is that it's to save money but I sure don't see it that way. My dads Latemodel operation is low buck, always has been always will be for 34yrs now. Now if the rules maker is saving us poor guys money then why the tire rule. Now we have to run out and buy new tires. Plus the rich guys still puts on a new 35 or 55 for the feature every week. So now his tire is fresher than mine,the one I bought last week,3 weeks from now I'm really in trouble. As u all know if he's got a new tire and u don't ,your backs against the wall already. But my point is why change the rule because all your doing is hurting the little guy,because he has to run out and buy a new hard tire just to be able to race and be legal, when he's already got a garage full of old tires that have turned hard! There's other ways to help the poor guys to stay in racing and a tire rule sure is not it! Let here what u guys think about tire rules! Bye

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posted May 03, 2000 12:22 AM  
I can see your point and I sympathize with your problem. But the tire rule is good for most racers. A harder compound will last longer and you do not have to have as many tires on hand. Any CHANGE in a tire rule will cost you more money at first, but as time goes on you will have less and less tires in your garage and will be spending less on tires.

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posted May 09, 2000 11:09 AM  
Originally posted by jammin:
I agree with you Jimbo, the tire rule will cost you an initial cost, but if you plan on racing very long at all, it will take of itself in the long run.

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posted May 21, 2000 11:57 PM  
not sure what part of the country you race in, but we unfortunaly race under UMP rules. I wish we could get a tire rule that let us run the d-55 tire. We currerntly have to carry m-10 to qualify, m-20 for a heat race situation, and a set of m-40 tires for slick hard tracks that we might encounter. Then if we try to run a northern all-star race we try to carry a couple left rear D-55 tires and a couple d-55 for the right rear. What I noticed about the hard tire is that it does last longer, but to make the tire work you need to scuff it up,also try to keep the sipes in it. By the way I am not a high dollar team either, and I hate buying soft tires just to burn the off in a heat race that pays $20 to win. But I think the hard tire could be the great equilizer between the big dollar teams, but only if the rule is policed by tech inspectors who actually know how read the rule that we are all supposed to play by.

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