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Author Topic:   Cooling problems
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posted April 17, 2000 02:01 PM  
I am racing a limited late model on a 3/8 mile dirt track in south Texas. This same car was converted from an asphalt car to dirt. On asphalt, the car temperature ran about 190-200 degrees in a 50 lap feature. On dirt, it runs up to 240 in about 15 - 20 laps. The car is a 3200 pound car with a 515hp 350 small block Chevy engine. I have an aluminum Howe radiator, an air box fed by 4 holes (total opening areas are about 250 square inches) with two mud screens between the holes and the radiator, an electric fan that pushes air through the radiator, a water pump mounted fan 4" from the radiator with no shroud, and no water restrictor. The water pump is a Weiand racing pump and the pulley set is an aluminum deep groove race setup with a 6" diameter water pump pulley and a 6" crank pulley. Any ideas on what to do to cool this thing down?

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posted April 17, 2000 03:28 PM  
I've addressed this topic before. I can speak from self experience as well as working with top engine builders and ch***is builders. I spend considerable time with numerous drivers in Hav-A-Tampa and S.T.A.R.S. and have learned from them all. I have then applied what I've learned to my own car (99 Rayburn Latemodel). This is what I've learned and believe me it works! Radiator should be from a quality mfg'r., HOWE, AFCO, Griffin ect...The ONLY fan to use is the new 4 blade design from GM (available from Poske's Performance 800-430-7223) The fan needs to be mounted 1/2 to 3/4 inch from rad. I use 50/50 mix of water and anti-freeze along with a bottle of NAPA Kool from NAPA parts store. I also use a 5/8 water restrictor, you may have to experiment some regarding the restrictor. If your carb. is properly tuned and other components such as waterpump and belts and pulleys are all in good shape and suitable for racing, this system will work excellent. I can run my car without shroud, no duct work and frontend closed. We just installed a new motor this past weekend and let engine run in garage for half hour without engine temp ever exceeding 150 degrees. During competition this system runs a nice 180 to 190 degrees even here in Florida during summer months. Hope that I have helped. Good luck!

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posted April 20, 2000 11:15 PM  
What kind of pitch do those 4-blade fans have on them to draw that much air?

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