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Author Topic:   Stagger
Dirt Administrator

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posted March 29, 2000 05:33 PM  
My dad ran 8" back in the early 70's in a Latemodel. It was at Canfield Speedway in canfield Ohio. The track was a short, flat bull ring, not even a 1/4 mile. Canfield was almost a complete circle, u never really ever got straight. Had to have lots of stagger to turn, well at least back then u did. Today the most stagger we ever run is 2" or less, we have tried to learn to get the car to turn without it.Makes the car hook-up betterand go faster down the straights. I have alot more stories to tell but not enough room in here to tell them.We have been racing Latemodels for 34yrs now.Well that's about enough bore from me for now. Bye

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posted March 30, 2000 12:22 PM  
The most we ran was 6"---UMP L.M.---1/3 MILE S.B.---it was too much or my feet are too big.

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posted April 06, 2000 11:18 AM  
In my Wissota Mod before the tire size change I always ran 8" for the heats on a heavy track 3/8 I really liked it but closed up to 4 and 6" for the mains. I could accelerate harder on exit and was able to pass on exit below a lot of cars. Now Hoosier doesn't make the tire anylonger and we run as much as possible.

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