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Author Topic:   Stock clip Rayburn
X-1R Guy
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posted March 09, 2000 06:03 AM  
Just purchased a new stock clip Rayburn and would like any info. regarding setups. Has a Camaro clip, standard coilovers on rear, pull bar, swingarm with the long upper bars, we have to weigh 2700# w/driver, non coilover front end,uses steering box, #1 plug inline with ball joint,we run all steel engine,will be running flat,slick half mile dirt.Has a quickchange rear, we have to run 12" wheels and tires (wheels are aluminum no beadloc's allowed)this car is National Latemodel Sportsman Series legal. C.J. Had a few suggestions regarding setup, but said he has really no experience regarding stock clips. Car without any lead or driver weighs 2108# (full of fuel). Any help here would be appreciated. Especially front end settings! Uses stock lowers, tubular uppers and tube spindles, has wide-5 aluminum hubs on all 4, has Sweet box (12-1)Howe fabricated drag link w/tubular tierods and heim ends(outer)standard tierod ends(inner). Runs on gas w/22 gallon cell. Has STARS legal body 8" spoiler. Engine was dyno'd at 508 H.P. Has aluminum driveshaft 52"(remember no engine set-back). Thank you for any help.

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posted March 12, 2000 05:58 PM  
We had this same type chassis on a 1/3 mile
medium bank track used 850 rt frt 800 left about the same wt. but were allowed 4 inch set back, springs in rear were 150l, 175r with a 40lb monoleaf also and lift bar with 5th coil 350lb. good luck

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