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Author Topic:   My Hauler is a Piece of Junk!!! Help!
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posted March 10, 2005 09:02 AM  
I got an older Chev Suburban '88 the motor is not the original motor, and I am not sure yet anyway what year it is. 350 vortec. The dang thing runs ok most of the time, but sometimes the check engine light comes on and it loses power. Also when warm, it will not stay running at stop lights.

Last summer, I removed the vacuum line from the EGR while it was running poorly. The idle smoothed right out. I tried changing changing the EGR valve but it has the little washers that go inside and did not know which one to use, and it would not run at all with the one i tried. The old one does not have one in it so I tried that as well, no change.

I also changed the EGR solenoid and that did not resolve any issues. I have had it scoped and tested with no apparent failure codes. Any ideas whatsoever would be appreciated.


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