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Author Topic:   FORD 460 carb questions.. again
Dirt Freak

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posted May 27, 2004 12:05 PM  
I had asked a question regarding a holley carb on a ford 460 3/4 ton '85 a while back. Well, here is what I have done so far and all. First, I picked up an edelbrock 1407 (750 cfm ) carb from a buddy for real cheap, 75 bucks. My dad went thru it and checked and set everything correct, etc. I put it on the truck , get the throttle hooked up and everything, we fire it and he fine tunes the air screws and all that. It ran great, no loading up, no lean spots, good idle at 3000 foot and also at sea level, felt like the truck had a good 50 more horse. only one prob. still was getting same ****py mileage..(6.1 mpg- 7.1 mpg). but it was better to drive. So, decided to buy a carb off e-bay, 1405 (600 cfm) . real nice carb, like new for 106.00. anyway, go through same routine, install, setup, etc... ran good, but didnt have the torque or horsepower as the 750 but was livable. it had .100 primary and .95 secondary jets. here is the kicker. same exact mileage....?? 6.1 to 6.9 or so. am I just gonna have to face reality that this engine is gonna get that mileage regardless of what carb is on it, or am I missin somethin ? if I am gettin the same mileage I may as well put the 750 back on and atleast make good time over the hills. I am of course pullin a 20ft wells, and total weight of everything is just over 12K combined, any suggestions would be appreciated. I have basically admitted defeat and I am now leaving everything in washington and commuting back and forth, but the questions will still need answered at some point. Thanx, michael harris #44H
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Dirt Freak

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posted May 28, 2004 08:52 PM  
Well I pull a 28ft enclosed with a 98 econline with a v-10 and get 8mpg at 70 mph but I get 16mpg your 6-8 isn't out of wack..I used to pull with a 79 460 econoline a got what you're getting with a holley 4150 series...with the econolines I'm running a little bit more of a cruiser gear versus a p/u, but still have plenty of power.... carburated or fuel injected= not a big difference when you work them...I pull with my dads powerstroke once in a while and only get 10 with that....I think you should find a gas station to sponsor you and it will no longer be a problem!!.. hope that helps you with your dilema

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