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Author Topic:   '85 Ford 460 carb nightmares........
Dirt Freak

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posted March 12, 2004 06:51 PM  
Here is one that I am sure one of you carb savy guys can solve/recommend/etc... This 85 ford has a holley 4180 on it. When I bought the truck, the guy give me every receipt he had ever gotten with the truck. So I go thru these and I see an enormous amount of money spent on rebuilds and labor, and then I see another for an all new carb..( I dont have a clue why someone would swap junk for junk) but anyway, I want to use an edelbrock most likely. I have a 1407 thats in good shape, just needs a few things and its all sound. I believe the 1407 is a 750 cfm from what I can find.. correct me if I am wrong here. And based on what I see in the service manuals the 4180 is a 600 or 650. Well the thing is a flushing toilet, especially when I am pulling my 22' enclosed. My question is will the edelbrock give me better gas mileage? what jetting should be in it, or close? or should I use a different carb altogether, this is a mileage issue of course, so that becomes paramount..
Thanx all.
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Dirt Freak

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posted March 13, 2004 02:58 AM  
If you would walk down to the other end of the pits, I'll bet there will be a stock car carb guy that can solve your problem. All you need is a 500 2bbr Holley that has been tinkered on. You'll notice no power loss, but should get about 12 mpg. If you dont have a local carb guy, call John at
419 855-3073, he will build you a carb and ship it to ya.

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