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Author Topic:   dodge auto trans
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posted September 02, 2002 10:05 PM  
I have a Dodge Ram with 360 and auto with od(98)the problem I am having is i was coming home from arkansas today and got off an exit ramp as i was slowing down the ramp and it sounded like the t-case locked up but didnt the trans was hot so i let it cool of and it acted fine for about 8 miles and then the trans temp light came on so i did as the manual told and it cooled off then went 118 miles and did it it again tried to limp it home and it never mede it over 5 miles before getting hot now it wont shift right as is all fubared had to have friend haul his gooseneck about 60 miles.was wondering if it could all be in the lockup converter or is it probly done it did clunk a few times but was fine usually most of the time the od would overide it off.Have to fix asap so any help would be greatly appreciated.anyone around topeka or lawrence wanna fix it.thanks j

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