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Author Topic:   Advice needed!
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posted December 22, 2005 03:23 PM  
I've called and shopped around until I am thoughly confusd! I've got a 406 with one broken 616 Speed Pro flat top. Stock .010/.010 crankshaft. Flat tappet cam. The heads have been milled .125 (492's) Stock crank and bushed 5/7 rods. (SIR maybe?) makes a lot of power with a 750 Holley on a Bowtie cast iron intake. I like to spin that motor about 6500.
rings-seems like if I want to "file fit" them I have to go with the plasma moly which run $130 +/-. Should I just go with the drop in moly rings?
head gasket-the one in the gasket set from FelPro gonna be fine, or do I need to spend another $60 for a 1004
timing chain--double row from $19 to a 9 keyway for $90
If I NEED to buy better parts I will-but if I don't, I'd like to save where I can.
Thanks! Jojo

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posted December 22, 2005 04:21 PM  
If the block hones up clean without the bores getting bigger then the standard gap rings should be fine. All the engines that I have built with the 3-keyway t-chains, I always ran straight up (not advanced or retarded) so I didn't see a need for the extra keyways. The head gaskets in the regular Fel-pro set are good, but they are about .038" thick. You'll have to buy different gaskets if you are looking to maximize compression by using thinner gaskets.

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posted December 22, 2005 07:14 PM  
if you stay with the same bore don't use moly rings the will never seat unless the block is bored. use a cast type of ring. head gaskets felpro is fine up to 13to1 comp. as long as you don't run a lot of value spring press.the $19 one will work fine replace yearly.

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posted December 23, 2005 05:52 PM  
I'd step up to the better felpro,400's usually need all the help they can get on head gasket sealing.I'd also go with the true roller type chain,the cheaper one never seems to stay tight for very long in a race motor.

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posted December 23, 2005 06:29 PM  
i agree. i ran the good fel pros this year. 41 nights on motor and no head gasket trouble.


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