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Author Topic:   carb gasket help.... Kplugnut?
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posted November 11, 2005 07:02 PM  
We have a carb that has these bowl and metering block gaskets on it that arent the usual fiber ones they are more like rubber or something and are reusable. They work great and never stick, but after a couple seasons I want to replace them. Does anyone know who makes them or where to get them. They are green in color, I saw some similar to them on Bolaws website but not sure if they are the same or not, or even where to get them after that.

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posted November 11, 2005 07:14 PM  
Us, BLP products, AED, Braswell, etc etc, all sell reusable bowl/block gaskets. Some are red, some green, some blue, and I've even seen orange. I'd stay away from the neoprene rubber ones as certain fuels make them swell and partially block circuits or leak.
If ya need some, just hollar.


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