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Author Topic:   Hydraulic lifters on a solid lift camshaft
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posted August 07, 2005 04:54 PM  
I plan to race at a track that requires a hydraulic cam. My intenions are to win this event and pass the post race inspection too! LOL (imagine that!)
I am currently running a Reed .508 solid lift camshaft, with the rockers set at .018. My question is this: Would it be possible for me to remove the solid lifters and replace them with a set of hydraulics? Would I need to also change the valve springs (135# seat pressure)? Would I adjust the valve lash the same as I would any hydraulic set up?
OK ---another curve---I also own a set of lifters that "appear" to be hydraulic, but are actually a "cheater" lifter made by Crower. They came with a used camshaft set I aquired a couple of years ago. Would I be better off to scuff the faces of these lifters and install them?
I don't have the money to replace the Reed cam. I honestly would rather pull it and install a hydraulic than destroy it trying to compromise---if it is risky.
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Jojo

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posted August 07, 2005 06:52 PM  
I run hydralics on a solid cam in my ford set lash at .002 and go. Ive got lift in the .540 to .550 range and turn 7000 7500 with no problems 9-1 comp on e85 holley 500

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posted August 07, 2005 09:50 PM  
we have been doing it for 3 years now. with a 518/530 lift solid cam, since the hydro lifters give no need in running a lash. to adjust we bump motor over just like adjusting a solid cam, and find zero lash. when push rod stops spinning freely we tighten polly locks. all season on a cam with no wear, and this year running same cam we ran last may like it so much you keep it...LOL

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posted August 08, 2005 05:22 PM  
does running hydrolic lifters on a solid cam make more power than hydrolic lifters on a hydrolic cam Is there anything to be gained by doing this??? does it affect the grind specs or do they need to be degreeed in any differently....I mean I have herd of people doing it but never tryed it myself for fear of making more pieces out of a motor....

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posted August 08, 2005 08:32 PM  
I called Dennis down at Reed cams today. He knows the camshaft I am running and discouraged me from nstalling the hydraulic lifters. BUT he said," I know you are going to try it anyway, so since that is a tight lash cam, set your lifters at .002 and .004. You will notice that you are loosing a little bottom end, but you shouldn't hurt the camshaft." He went on to say that putting the used "cheater" lifters on the cam would ruin both the camshft and the lifters.
Thanks for you all's input! I'm open to suggestions....

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posted August 09, 2005 05:01 AM  
What's the phone number for Reed Cams? I ran one a few years back and loved it! Gonna build another.

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