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Author Topic:   Timing Issues
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posted July 02, 2005 07:10 PM  
Last week after the feature I had multiple issues to deal with, most of which are corrected but now I have a new problem. I had to pull the intake, thus removing the distributor. Tonight I put everything back on, set the distributor back in and tried to start it. No good. all it did was turn over, I checked the distributor and the timing had jumped about 180 degrees, So I reset it again, and again it jumped 180 degrees. reset it again and jumped about 90 degrees. Checked end play on the distributor gear, it's all good there. Now, My only guesses are a) the timing chain is shot or b) Cam issues? everything visible checks out, so it has to be internal. The engine is not backfiring through the carb or anything like that. It is getting plenty of spark. I'm stumped. I'm not an engine guy so I'm working in the dark here.


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posted July 03, 2005 01:19 AM  
what do you mean by timming jumped?

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posted July 03, 2005 07:09 AM  
Are you sure that you are getting your dist.all the way down when you put it in?It almost sounds like you don't have it lined up with the oilpump drive when you drop it in.Was it running OK before you took the intake off? If not you may have a timimg chain or camshaft problem.

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posted July 03, 2005 01:29 PM  
by jumping, I mean when I line it up at TDC and then try to turn it over, and line it back up at TDC, the rotor on the distributor isn't lined up where I set it originally. The engine was running fine before I took it apart. I mean I ran the entire feature and had some problems but overall it was ok. The distributor is going all the way in so I know thats not an issue.

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posted July 03, 2005 02:30 PM  
Are you sure when you put it back at TDC #1 is on its compression stroke and not #6? What makes me think this is that your saying it appears to be 180 out. Pull your distributor back out and line your timing mark back to Tdc, take your driver side valve cover off and roll your motor while you watch your rocker arms on the #1 cyl. If your on the compression stroke the first valve to open should be your exhaust. If so back the motor up back to Tdc, if not continue to roll the motor over until your mark is back to TDC. Now #1 is on its compression stroke, drop your distributor in and line the pointer on the rotor up with where #1 will start on your cap. If you already know this sorry, just trying to help incase you dont. What it sounds like to me is that your assuming your rotor should be facing #1 just b/c your timing mark is at zero.

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posted July 04, 2005 10:33 AM  
Instead of removing the valve cover, plug the #1 spark plug holes with your finger and roll the motor by hand. You will feel the compression against your finger. Keep goig until your timing mark is at TDC. You should then back the engine off until your at your desired ignition timing setting such as 36 deg before TDC. Set your distributor in so it points directly at #1 terminal in the cap. Should be very close.

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posted July 04, 2005 01:33 PM  
Ok, first off let me preface this post by saying retards and working on race cars just don't mix.

I screwed up. Last night I went back to work on it to see if i could figure it out. Once againg i had to reset the distributor and all that good stuff. I turned it over and finally it sounded like it wanted to fire, as soon as it tit I took a bath. The problem? Some idiot didn't tighten the intake all the way back down so there was a pretty big gap in it, so the distributor gear was slipping off the cam gear and making the timing appear to jump. Once i tightened it back down and fired her up, all was well. It still sounds sick but thats another issue. Thanks for your help guys, Now who should I blame for making me stupid? lol

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