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Author Topic:   v/p clearance?
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posted July 02, 2005 02:35 PM  
At what part of the stroke should your minimun v/p clearence be measured? I checked intake at 15* before TDC and exhaust 3* after TDC. Im ok at this point. My closest reading is at TDC when #6 is on its compression stroke and #1 intake and exhaust valves are open just a little. At this point I have only around 5-10 thousands clearance with no gasket. This is with flat tops and 49cc heads. I plan on using a cometic shim gasket and we will fly cut the pistons during the off season. Do I use my closest reading to determine what gasket I need to obtain .100 v/p clearance?

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posted July 05, 2005 12:53 PM  
they say.100 min.some have run .080 and popped a few pushrods. .010 -.015 your looking for trouble. best way is to put some clay on the piston and turn her a few times and see what you got. mine was closest on the exhaust when the piston was chasing the valve.there are alot of variables that can change things.

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