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Author Topic:   Ford oil pan
Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 13, 2005 11:34 AM  
I have had 3 new gaskets and pulled the motor 2 times and cant seem to get the rear of the oil pan to not leak, what am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 13, 2005 07:23 PM  
If at all possible then take the engine out and yank the pan. Clean the pan rails with carb or brake cleaner. Check the bolt holes. They should not be puckered in toward the block. If they are then gently pound them back flat with a hammer against something hard and flat. (workbench). Put just a SMALL amount of silicone at corners of the block where the gasket sets. Do not put slicone on the pan rails. You can use some Permatex Aviation form a gasket, or that gasket shellac that comes in the small bottle with Indian's head on it. Clean all the threads on your bolts and TORQUE them down to about 80-90in/lbs on 1/4" bolts and about 180in/lbs on 5/16ths bolts. You will have to go over them several times to get it right.

The specs were given in in/lbs because it is easier to acheive them with a 1/4" torque wrench then with the 3/8".

Over/under tightening is one of the most common causes of gasket failure. Another is poor surface prep.

Good luck....

Dirt Full Roller

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posted June 15, 2005 11:34 AM  
If it is a stock oil pan save your self the headache and get the felpro perma-dry gasket that is one piece. This is the best gasket on the market for Ford's. Now if you have the high dollar 9 quart piece of @#*% oil pan from morosso that I have and pulled the motor 4 times to fix oil leaks that were caused by not welding the whole pan or doing a bad job welding, just smash the #@&% out of it and send it back to them with a note... Pan fit like it looks, Held oil about the same!

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