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Author Topic:   another question for the engine gurus
Dirt Roller

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posted June 03, 2005 09:30 AM  
Ok engine guys I have a question. I had posted on here a little while back about getting jerked off the corners with my 355 motor. The overwhelming majority of everyone I talked to (even my builder who had the most $$$$ to said that my problem was most likely a gearing problem, not a down on power engine. Im afraid of turning it much more than what i already am. ( 6800 to 7000) with my stock bottom end. My first thought was to go to a 383 but for some reason my builder doesnt seem too keen on doing that. He seems to think if i change a gear my little motor will get the job done. I know wher a good 355 rotating assy. is at that i can get reasonable from a friend who has quit racing. Everything is still boxed up in fact. My question is that if i do stay with a 355 what do i need to do to max it out. I already have 11x heads and a super vic intake but it is a flat tappet motor. And I have a 850 AED gas carb and a 850 AED alky carb with the BG Bypass setup.

Dirt Maniac

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posted June 03, 2005 09:39 PM  
The old saying goes "There's no replacement for displacement". I run a 383 now and have drove 355's before and I can tell you there is a difference. But it also has to do with your compression ratio and cam. I wouldn't feel comfortable turning a stock block over the rpms you are already turning. If you have the ability to build a 383 it's well worth the money. I find I have more pedal and torque coming off the corners! More rpm's doesn't always equal more horsepower. Your valvetrain will dictate that. If the cams power range is 2500 to 6500 then your just getting dangerous turning it more. With a 383 you will have alot more power in the same rpm range.
What kind of trans are you running and what the competition running? We were allowed to run triple discs this year and that's makes a world of difference than when I ran the same motor on an automatic trans.
IMO when you are already turning rpms close to the engines peak,more isn't going to help in regards to a different gear.
Maybe your engine builder doesn't feel comfortable doing the clearance work need to run a long stroke motor. I would call some other reputable engine builders and get there opions as well.I'm not downing your engine builder by any means, he may not have much experience in that area.

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