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Author Topic:   An update and such and thanx...
Dirt Freak

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posted April 26, 2005 08:14 PM  
Just thought I'd let ya all know how week 1 went at Skagit. They ditched qualifying in favor of a pill draw...ugh, well I draw a 52. coulda been alot better and worse in my heat I was indside 3, after lap 1 was 5th, run down 4th place and tried everything to get around but no dice... missed transfer by 1 ( story of my life)
started B inside 3 but a car scratched so I moved to inside 2, got into 2nd but on lap 4 huson of shark engines got by me for the final transfer spot . so I was 1st alternate in the A and all fired off . but the engine has way more grunt than I have had before and didnt have to turn a ton of rpm. still was pickin the fronts up even w/ the gear in (6.13) so thanx all, just appreciate the help, and a 1003 and steel shim.016 will live at 14.2 to 1 so far
thanx again and pin it and grin it

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