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Author Topic:   fuel pressure guage
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 08, 2005 04:18 AM  
The needle in our fuel pressure guage shakes violently back and forth while the motor is running. Its threaded directly into the fuel log. Were using a holley high pessure fuel pump. A 7lb. spring loaded pressure relief valve is on the end of the fuel log connected to a rubber line back to the fuel cell. Does the guage need to be connected to a braded or rubber hose line ? Should we just get a liquid filled guage ? Also whats a good company to purchace a reasonable priced guage ?

Dirt Freak

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posted April 08, 2005 06:09 AM  
If this is a mechanical pump, you probably need a regulator to even out the pressure. A liguid filled guage will also help dampen vibrations from the car not assosciated with the surging of the mech. pump. Also, you say you have the guage connected directly to the fuel log? If the guage is in the driver's compartment, you really should think about putting an isolator on the line. Most likely, safety tech at the track will require it. Dave

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