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Author Topic:   ?for kp
Donnie Ross
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posted April 02, 2005 05:51 AM  
I have friend with a hooters pro cup car. he was told he could send his holley hp 650 to a place in North Carolina for $4000 he would get an extra 20 hp. the rule book states totaly unaltered carb, and I would presume in series such as this they would be regularly checked. my ? is what in the word would you do that costs this much be undetectible and add 20 horse power.Iwould assume it would not be as simple as changing air bleeds etc. as I have heard these were pretty good out of the box, thanks

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posted April 02, 2005 08:12 PM  
Those HP series carbs (the 80540 or 80541's) are in fact "pretty good" right out of the box, but there is NO way any carb builder's "magic" could ever be worth that much. In my opinion and considering every hi-level builder's carb I've ever laid my hands or eyes on, a pricetag like that is just smoke and mirrors. The ONLY way you're going to gain 20hp and still be totally guage legal is to raise the boosters about .050-.100" and hope they don't have the bridge-type guage that would find that. And even then, you'd have had to start with a carb that was completely out to lunch in the first place.
I have a hunch who it might be that is advertising that kind of price tag and I envy the racer who has that kind of money to throw away on a sales pitch.
There are lots of things that are being done in that class to the carbs that are allowed as far as fuel metering alterations go, but IMO, nothing that is worth that much $$...
Hope that helps, and as always, if I'm wrong, which happens, I'll just fry up another crow... LOL!


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posted April 03, 2005 07:40 AM  
I have to agree with kp on that and one more lesson i learned is when you get a carb you better get the motor dyno with that carb i fought with my carb half a season with kp trying to help me and that i will have to say thanks it was not even one of his carbs either. It was the jets too big it ran alright on the the track but on the dyno it would not run at all also changed the air bleeds power valves and now its right .thanks for the help kp

Donnie Ross
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posted April 03, 2005 07:46 AM  
thanks kp I'm going to try to convince him to send one of his carbs to ya to see if he can get any gains,He has money but not real experienced wants to do well and some of his supporting cast seems to think he is gullible which is not the case. he will usually ask if something sounds to good to be true.

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posted April 03, 2005 07:55 AM  
We went thru that with the tour motor...there is a company that everyone runs, and the company told us they could get us 20-30hp more than our current Braswell. The price on the carb was over $2800 (Holley 390). Needless to say, after testing on the dyno with one, our Braswell in fact made more power than the other carb.

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