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Author Topic:   347 Ford
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posted March 23, 2005 09:40 PM  
Hey guys I have a question about the 347 Ford strokers. I'm not putting this in a dirt car its for my street car. I don't know much about Ford's just what I learned messing with my Mustang. What I want to know is when building a 347 stroker (302 block 351 crank etc.) Does the block have to be notched for rod clearence like a 383 chevy does? Also what type rods does it use (302, 351 or what?) and also the pistons are they custom 347 pistons or 302 or 351. Like I said I don't know much about Ford's.

I'm looking to make around 400-500 HP then put a 150 HP nitrous shot on it. Its going in a 1966 Mustang. I've had this car for years and I used to race it in high school but the factory 289 is tired and I don't want to bore it out and screw it up!

Any help would be appreciated.


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posted March 24, 2005 05:21 AM  
The easiest to do is to buy a kit the price will depend on what quality of parts you want.I was running one in a factory stock .Mine was a eagle cast 3.4 stroke crank ,5.4 H beam rods,and srp pistons and of course none of these are stock .Coast high performance makes a different kit so the oil ring doesn't go intersect the pin bore which might be better on a street ride and is supposed to be better as far as oil consumption. Outlawstock17 on this forum has a 347 street mustang try to contact him.I ran this 4 years with 0 problems cranking it to 7200 week after week.The 351 crank won't fit period.Yes you do have to notch the cylinders and if you get a crank with 2.100 rod journals you will have to notch a little less.These are kickin little motors.

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posted March 26, 2005 11:47 AM  
Not much stock stuff in 347s. We have ran one in our modified for the last 4 yrs. Turn it about 7400 every Friday and Saturday night. Cast Eagle crank, Eagle I-Beam rods and KB pistons. Balance rotating assembly run good oil and it will last forever.

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