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Author Topic:   what bearings to run?
Dirt Full Roller

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posted December 29, 2004 05:43 PM  
I have a 4 bolt block,a cast crank that is .010 under on mains and rods and I am using pink rods what brand is good to use and what should the clearences be? thanks...

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posted December 29, 2004 06:10 PM  
try king bearings, look for .0025 on the rods and .003 on the mains

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posted December 29, 2004 06:36 PM  
i agree, king alecular are very nice.


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posted December 29, 2004 06:48 PM  
King's HP series is my choice of late. Or Sealed Power's race series.

The King numbers are MB5142HP and CR848HP. They're about $10-$15 less than SP or Clevite's HP bearings and better than the standard line from anyone.

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