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Author Topic:   rpm change with 1.6?
Dirt Forum Racer

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posted December 20, 2004 07:29 PM  
What will happen if I have a cam that has a 2500-6500 rpm range, and then add 1.6 rockers to it.Will it change the rpm range of the cam, and will it close up the range, or extend it.

Dirt Maniac

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posted December 21, 2004 05:23 PM  
I'd say if you're increasing lift, you're allowing more air in, so you're slowing down the velocity (everything being equal). I'd bet it raises the range slightly, but not much because you're not changing the duration.

If you're floating the valves at 6,500 (or whatever) I'd say that will drop some in rpm because you're putting more stress on the springs.

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