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Author Topic:   ENGINE oil additives
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posted March 11, 2003 09:05 AM  
don't feel bad wpp, kendall is the best dinosaur oil, in my opinion. i have a neighbor that races too....changes his oil & filter every week. he has a 55 gallon drum full of used oil sitting next to his house. he just won't listen to me, lol, makes me want to drill a little hole in the bottom of the barrel, lol....

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posted March 11, 2003 04:08 PM  
Sleepy has a good article on racing oil and managing your engine in the April 2003 SCR magazine.

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posted March 11, 2003 06:10 PM  
Just alittle to add.I read it on the net but can't find it again.Mobil took castrol to court over calling syntec synthetic and lost.I can't remember the details but mobil said syntec came from the ground and that synthetic should be made from a man made base stock.It seems like it had something to do with molecule size synthetic has uniform molecules and crude has many different sizes castrol removes the size molecule that it wants from crude oil which is about half the cost of man made base stock.Thus mobil said it is not synthetic and they asked castrol if they planned on lowering the price of syntec due to the processing difference,needless to say they said no does that suprise use h-ll no.I think this is in the ballpark of what I read.So in the end a judge that probably don't know sh-t about cars made the decision.I will continue to use mobil 1 and I haven't heard much mentioned about vavaline.One of my sponsers suppies oil and filters I can use mobil 1,valvaline 20w50 syn. or rp syn.

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posted March 11, 2003 10:07 PM  
Great topic guys! Clears the air a lot with me... and I'm actually going to look into Royal Purple a little more.

I did have a guy from Schaeffer Lubricants approach me and they seem to have decent numbers on all their products too, but again I'm just as skeptical of advertising. Anyone dealt with these products. They were gonna give me a cherry of a deal and it would have cut my costs a ton.

I want to thank Steve for all his info and experience on this topic too. I appreciate the no bs attitude on this type of stuff. Thanks dude!

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