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Author Topic:   New Mod class
Dirt Maniac

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posted October 02, 2002 05:00 AM
Have any tracks picked up the new IMCA mod class for next year?

Dirt Freak

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posted October 02, 2002 05:36 PM
Since a few weeks before the nationals i have heard little about the new class since then.

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted October 11, 2002 05:55 PM UIN: 54865418
maybe brett will see the lite when nobody picks them up and write some rule that will not cost the same to run for less money

Dirt Roller

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posted October 13, 2002 12:05 PM
Is IMCA adding a "low-cost" joke like WISSOTA's "Midwest Mod"? Small motor, two barrel, automatic tranny. How is that supposed to make it cheaper? The cars use the same chassis, tires, bodies, rear ends, everthing else is the same. Your still going to put three grand in a motor. WISSOTA and UMP modifieds may need to be turned down a bit, but B-MOD formulas are a joke. High power cars on little tires is what make modified exciting to watch and it makes them a drivers car.


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[This message has been edited by PJay72 (edited October 13, 2002).]

Dirt Roller

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posted October 13, 2002 12:57 PM
A joke The joke is all these wissota mod drivers spending 8-12k on a motor to win $300 put 3k in mwmod to win 150-200 do the math mwmods are very competitive on the smaller tracks they dont put on that good of a show on the 4ths and 1/2mile tracks.if you are going spend as much on a mod motor as a late model y not run the late model and run for some 800- 1000 purses its a little better return on your dollar

Dirt Forum Champ
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posted October 13, 2002 03:57 PM UIN: 54865418
72 here is the concept a guy like me been running bombers sells his car for 1500 and buys a rolling chassis for under 3000 and puts him motor and tranny out of that bomber in it and there you go a turn key car for less than 6000. theses imca rules are to be on a full ford ltd frame spec 3 link rear so there goes the posiblity of buying a used car chevy 350 only 9;1 comp spec after market heads any holley 4 brl carb stock location shocks up front no adjustment up front besides a hiden cup and you have to run a glide i sat down with my speedway book one nite since all the spec parts are coming from them and figured it out that it would cost around 12,000 for everyday joe to build one of these imca sport mods usuing the speedway chassis kit beings thats what they are tring to do personally i think they need to take a long look at the sims mods and maybe do some adjustments to it. if it was me i would have made it imca hobby drive train rules stock car chassis rules and mod body rules. that way you still have the look and able to adjust like a mod at a more afordable price

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