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Author Topic:   foward bite
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posted August 12, 2002 09:46 AM
any sugestions to increase foward bite?
lf 800 lb spring 74 shock
rf 900 ib spring 763 shock
lr 200 lb spring 935 shock
rr 175 lb spring 94 shock
this is a hot 3 link car, springs on top,
both trailing arms in top hole 10 to 15 degrees up to front.
bisquit pullbar, top hole on rear end, bottom hole on frame, 25 degrees on angle.
long panard bar on back side, left side frame mounted, low as possible. 4 oclock on rearend. bar has 3 inches of rake.bisquit bar has 7/8 inches of preload.
with driver 62.7 rear 51 cross 52left
100lbs of lr. 7 inches on frame hieght.
1 inch of stagger in front and rear

Dirt Newbie

posted August 12, 2002 03:11 PM
Not being familiar with the Hot chassis, I can only guess, but it looks like you've got all the anti-squat you can put into it in there. It's possible that the car's jacking all the way up right away as throttle is applied and there's no more travel to allow the suspension to cushion the load to the wheels, effectively making your rear suspension solid.
Also, you could try more cross and left side wieght. Might sound weird, but if your left side wieght isn't what it should be you may be getting through the middle of the turn too slow, which would make it seem like you're hurting for forward bite. Get them both up around 53-54% and see what that does for you.
The right rear shock could also be a problem. Being soft on the compression's gonna allow wieght to transfer there quicker than the left rear, which would make it loose under initial throttle.
Lastly, and again, this is gonna sound weird, but you might try a little more stagger in the rear. Again, this is gonna allow the car to roll through the center of the corner better as opposed to having to spin the tires in the middle of the corner to make it turn. This being the case, one would have to back off the throttle getting off the corner to let the tires bite before getting back on it, and that's just plain unnatural, isn't it?
The idea's to get the car to roll faster through the middle of the turn, which is going to decrease the need for forward bite getting off, due to the higher momentum at the corner exit.

But I could be all wet...

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