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Author Topic:   belt driven pump-update
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posted June 15, 2002 09:15 AM
In the beginning of the season we had a long thread on belt driven fuel pumps. Everything I read was positive about the KSE pumps, but they were a little costly. After going through yet another mechanical pump, I purchased a "complete" belt driven set-up from C&S out of Missouri. They were more than helpful, even though I run a competitors carburator(Gaerte). The whole set-up was half as much money(approx.$440). The only problem we encountered was that the mandrel for the crank pulley had to be milled a bit, and I had to get a 3" fan spacer.
So far it has worked perfectly, allowing us to focus more on our suspension. Thanks to everyone who responded ,for their input and enlightenment on this subject.

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posted June 24, 2002 03:34 PM
I too run the C&S belt drive and a gearte carb. I have had no problems with mine other than the bypass. Do they still sell the mechanical bypass that uses a heim and ball valve??

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posted June 25, 2002 06:15 PM
The one they sent me was a basic adjustable bypass 2" by 3" thing-a-ma-bob that bolts on the end of the fuel log, and runs the return line back to the cell.(same as the Pro-systems set up I ran in 98')
Not even sure if it is a jet type deal. We just bolted it on and ran it.
The one you mentioned(heim and ball) sounds more like a BG type Bypass. Thats what I ran with the old mechanical pump.

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