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Author Topic:   bar angles/ forward bite
Dirt Maniac

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posted June 06, 2002 11:59 AM
Just wanted to see what your opinions were on trailing bar angles and panhard angles. I know taking angle out of them will lose forward bite but will it also change ho quick you get that bite and how long it lasts. Our car seems to get really good bite in the middle of the corner and back on gas but then slows down on exit, like he has to wait for the tires to catch . I don't know whether we are losing bite or something else is happening. Maybe i need to tell the driver to wait longer before picking the throttle back up.

We are running a short 2 link with both bars all the way up and a short panhard bar.(not sure about the angle). We are thinking about moving both trailing bars down 1 hole and see what happens.

How much rear steer is affected by moving these bars and do we want or need the rear steer. I have heads differing opinions and would like some more info.

What about pullbar? We have as much angle as we can get in it which seems to be the norm for our track. We have a progressive spring with 1/4" preload. Would more preload help with forward bite?

I know there is a lot here but just looking for insight.


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