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Author Topic:   Leaf Spring Mod,Can't get it to get out of the corner
Dirt Roller

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posted May 24, 2002 11:11 PM
I,m running a B-mod on a tight 1/4 mile dirt track.The car gets in the corner really well,but once in the middle of the corner it gets a little loose and don't get any foward bite until a car length or 2 after everyone else.The track gets dry slick every night for the feature.In the heats it's heavy and I can run with any one out there.One other question the wheel base on this car is 113 inches whats the pro's and con's of this? THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWERS

Dirt Maniac

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posted May 25, 2002 12:07 AM
need more information, IE: spring rates, shocks, corner weights, if anything it sounds like you need more LR bite

Dirt Roller

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posted May 25, 2002 11:09 AM
get rid of the leaf-springs change it to a 3-link

Dirt Roller

Total posts: 9
posted May 25, 2002 11:12 PM
113 is good if setup is right for the leafs,what kind of leaf setup are you on?

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