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Author Topic:   panhard bar help please
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posted May 01, 2002 06:50 PM
ok guys i am still new to this 3 link stuff, i am running a panhard bar behind the rear end, it bolts to the rear end on the right and to a down tube on the frame on the left. the tube has 5 holes in, i have it in the middle right now and cant seem to get much body role out of the car and not much side bit, which way would i go with the bar, up or down on the down bar on the frame, it only has one hole on the rear end so no adjusting there. i cant seem to get any chassis builders around here to help me b/c i am not running one of there cars, i need some help bad, thanks


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posted May 01, 2002 09:09 PM
To get more body roll and more side bite, you need to lower your panhard bar. My car is also setup that way. I run it level and about the same height and the rear end axles. My bar hooks to the rearend with a clamp on bracket, I can loosen the bracket to move that side up and down also. But most of the time i keep my bar level.

Halderman Racing

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posted May 01, 2002 11:35 PM
The lower you make the pan hard bar the more roll you get in the car. Think about what you are changing. The rear roll center. The higher the bar is the higher the roll center is and vice versa. So if you want more roll lower the bar I would probably invest in a adjustable clamp braket for the rear end speedway sells them for like $50.00. Look around and you can find them. If you lower the bar you on one end and not both you need to shorten it because it will push the rr out from under the car. Thus loosening the car up. There are other things to do to get more roll also try a different offset wheel on rr and/or rf to set the wheel back towards the left of the car. Different springs in the front will let the car roll in the corner. gl ltr spde ala Dirt Racing Motorsports

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posted May 04, 2002 12:04 AM
I agree with getting an adjustable bracket for the rear end, also I never had any success running the bar with angle in it. Just lower or raise the whole bar but keep it level. Atleast thats what works for me.

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posted May 05, 2002 01:37 AM
Does this include the J-bar? Mine is mounted on an adjustable sliding bracket. Should it be level or have some angle?

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posted May 05, 2002 12:55 PM
Most J bars have 2" of angle in them when you run them level.

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posted May 07, 2002 08:37 PM
Does this apply to a short panhard bar that fastens to the front of the pinion? We've got a DW-6 2-link that we run in a B-mod class.My son has only ran it twice, but already prefers the shortie bar to the j-bar. I was told to raise the bar (increase angle) for dry track to increase roll & side bite. Was I misinformed or is this correct for the shortie bar? Thanks.

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posted May 07, 2002 09:47 PM
xhubby, you can raise the short panhard bar up but dont go to too much extreme, I wouldnt go more than 1/2 inch at a time.

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posted May 07, 2002 10:05 PM
The more you raise your bar on chassis side the more lateral movement you get with your rear end, and that will increase side bite, but can be very inconsistant.

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posted May 07, 2002 10:37 PM
Thanks guys for responding! I've tried several times to get answers from the dirt works web site and very seldom get any response at all. This is our first try at mod racing (B-Mod.)and I'm sure we'll have alot of questions. It's good to know that there is a forum with knowledgable people who are willing to help out the beginners. Thanks again and good luck to all this season.Frank

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