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Author Topic:   Pinto spindles - A-arm angles?
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posted April 18, 2002 04:40 PM
Here's the details:
We're running a Harris '01 chassis with the Pinto spindles. There is a difference in what their "manual" suggests for front-end ride heigth from what we used last year.

Previously you should set your heigth based on the lower A-arms to a key or dimple. Now with the Pinto stuff you set by angle in the upper A-arms.

The end result is that the car is about 1/2" (1/4" as measured at the dimple) lower by using the following the angle setting on the uppers.

I know roll center is going to change, and I'm concerned since this change is rather drastic compared to what we ran last year. We got a little time a could of weeks ago and I felt the car now was too tight on entry but we also had a dead cylinder so we couldn't really drive the car.

Finally the questions: (If you're running a Harris or similar)
Are you using the new settings?
How much angle are you running in the uppers?
For those that have already tried the new settings how did it handle?

I appreciate any experiences that you can share. Thanks.

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