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Author Topic:   Belt Drive Fuel Problems
Dirt Roller

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posted April 10, 2002 08:54 PM
I have all C&S Carb and belt drive pump with diaphram bypass valve. I can not get fuel in bowles set with fuel pressure. I'm flooding over or leaning out all the time. Can anyone tell me how to set the fuel level in bowles to match fuel pressure? I have 3.5 to 4.lbs. at idle 9 to 11.lbs. at the end of the staights abought 7000 rpms. Car will flood over and I will try lowering fuel pressure but then I burn tipes off the spark plugs. The next time I will leave fuel pressure alone and adjust bowle levels and still get same results. Can anyone help me with this problem thanks?

Dirt Roller

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posted April 10, 2002 10:03 PM
Iam currently having the same problem but w/ a mechanical pump. I ordered a rebuild kit for the carb today. C&S makes their own needle and seat for their carbs and guess that they are very "touchy" units. I you have checked the float for damage, the needle and seat for damage, and the area in the fuel bowl where the oring sits on the needle and seat, then i would suggest calling C&S. There # is 636-723-4996. Roger seems to be pretty good to work with. I will see if the new rehaul kit fixes my problem and i will let you know.

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