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Author Topic:   brinn help
Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 08, 2002 11:04 PM
just bought a used brinn, what oil do you guys use in your's I've heard trans fluid, 50weight to 20/50 oil.

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posted April 08, 2002 11:12 PM
One of the guys that we race with her in OKC told me that he runs anything from motor oil to normal tranny fluid. He said that he runs 20-50 motor oil just due to the fact that he changes the motor oil and the tranny fluid after every two nights, and it is more convinent that way. We run a Falcon transmission and we run the B&M Trick shift in it. works good so far, but a little expensive compared to motor oil, or tranny fluid

Dirt Freak

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posted April 08, 2002 11:19 PM
B+M is just like ford type F ITS ALOT CHEAPER

Dirt Newbie

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posted April 10, 2002 11:06 PM
Brinn says use 20w50 non-synthetic motor oil. They also say do NOT use type f tranny fluid or synthetic motor oil.

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posted April 11, 2002 11:06 PM
since its actually a wet clutch system woouldnt you need some kind of additive to make the clutches last longer

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posted April 23, 2002 11:46 AM
use type f trans fluid an chnge after every race. best and cheepes way. have been using same binn trans with out having to replace clutch discs for 5 full seasons.
50-60 races a year wih a big block chevy.

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