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Author Topic:   3 Link & Dry Slick
Dirt Freak

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posted April 07, 2002 02:50 PM
ive only races twice this year..the first time out the feature waz tacky...and my car waz a fast and handled on the bottom well..the second time out last night..the feature waz dry slick and my car still handled well on the bottom and will stick in turns..and come off straight..but i just dont get no forward bite till about were the flagstand is cause i can feel it start to hook up..and im just not able to take advantage of running low in the turns..and im doing all the gentle on the throttle..draggin the brake a little..bein as smooth as i can just to hold what i have and not give up anything..most of the front runners are DW 4 bar cars...and i waz just wondering am i "spinning" my hanging on to this 3 link setup?? btw my car is a DW 7.. please help. one more thing we considered would maybe help..would making shorter lower links and run them straight ahead help?? my car has long ones and there angled inwards.

Dirt Full Roller

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posted April 07, 2002 07:21 PM
We run a dw8 on a dry track too, and you may try raising the LR trailing arm one hole up on the frame. If you are running a pull bar, maybe you can lower it one or two holes on the frame, we tried this last nite during the feature, and had plenty of bite coming off the corners, and down the straits...we just ran out of gear. Hope that helps a little.

Dirt Roller

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posted April 07, 2002 07:39 PM
Do you have any more info/ .on your set up. I have a dw8 the buzzard7

Dirt Freak

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posted April 08, 2002 06:17 PM
the cars a 3 link lr in front (on elim.)..rr on top (no elim.).. lr trailing arm in top hole..rr arm in middle hole..spring pull bar in lowest hole..(just something for those running afco spring pull bars..if you feel u might be losing forward bite on dry all of the sudden..prolly take the bar apart cause it will be sticking..and clean it good) cushion j-bar second hole from bottom on the pinion..about half way up the frame mount..

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