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Author Topic:   mopar
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posted February 01, 2002 09:49 PM
I am seriously thinking about running a mopar in my modified. Does anyone know of websites for tech and prices, also if anyone is running one now I could use some input.

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posted February 02, 2002 09:23 PM
the best website for this is they have a circle track section with several mopar mod racers that an have all the info and then some and are good people willing to help.

I ran mopar for 3 seasons in a UMP mod. Good Luck to you but based on my experience in my humble opinion there are NO advantages to running a mopar in a mod.

Ligthweight rotating assemblies and components are the way to go now days and mopar has none of these.
Steel cranks are non existent for a 360 and a 340 block is tough to find, just too many downsides to running one. Some people do well in them and I am not saying that in cannot be done I ran good in a mopar but it was not worht the trouble.
If you are determined to do so however check out the website or PM me amd I will be glad to share the info I have as well.

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posted February 04, 2002 01:27 AM
We have been running Mopar for several years now and have had good success. In my opinion there are some advantages to running them. They come with a 6.123-rod from the factory and have a deck height that allows you good rod length without stuffing the wrist pin into your rings. The 360ci weighs 25 pounds less then a 350 Chevy. As for the issue of cranks, check out the latest Mopar Performance catalog. They have a several new steel cranks reasonably priced for both the 360 and 340 engines. We currently run a 4" stroked 360, which makes a nice little 410ci engine. Last year we could only get a cast crank for this combo but this year a steel version is available too.

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posted February 04, 2002 01:03 PM
Ok well I will do a little more to prove my point that there is no advantage to running a mopar keep in mind however that I wish nothing but the best to anyone that does.

Yes mopar performance does have some steel cranks available for the 360 they are about 1000 bucks.

For that same money i can buy a 41 pound lightweigth chevy crank. There are no lightweight cranks available for mopar without going custom and paying big bucks

Additonally if you run the 360 its external balanced and its not cheap to switch it to internal balance.

I have run it with external balance and it will work ok but durability is a concern, unless you keep the rpms down.

You cant get around this issue unless you run the 340 but good luck finding a block since they have not been made in 30 years.

Pistons are another downside for mopar. There are NO high compression piston available for the 340. There are NO high compression pistons for the 360 other than KB's which are cast.

For either of these motors if you want forged with good compression you must order them custom and pay out the nose.

I have weighed the stock chevy block and a stock mopar 360 block the 360 is heavier.
THe bowtie block is heavier than a stock mopar block, but NOt the stock chevy block.

Then the rods are another issue, while chrysler stock rods are a good piece and very strong they are also very heavy.

Good luck finding some lightweight rods for a mopar. Lightweight rotating assembly are the ticket now days and mopar is behind the times.

Furthemore the mopar block must be massaged and machined to live on the oval track which is very time consuming or you can pay to have it done.

Additionally unless you purchase a new chassis with mopar mounts already built in you have to fabricate motor mounts everytime you purchase another chassis.

Also the transmissions situation is another concern if you run the glide you have to purchase the adapter kit which is not cheap.

Some people are running the 904 automatic and having some success.

Finding a good 4 speed or 3 speed for mopar is tough also not easy anymore and the clutch package is very pricey.

Just my humble opinion.

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posted February 04, 2002 11:26 PM
Depending where you run you can get a bert setup for a Mopar that is the same price as a chevy. Dollar for dollar the Mopar will make more horsepower. We have run a Mopar for 3 years in Pa & won two champinships and 7 features. I know we have less money in our Mopar than most of the chevy guys.

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posted February 05, 2002 01:30 AM
As for the rotating assembly being heavier, mine isn't and it didn't cost a fortune. We build all our own engines and do everything but balance the rotating assembly. The person who does our balancing was surprised how light our combo is. I have to admit we uses light weight Chevy pistons which are available in many different configurations. With a calculator and a little imagination this can all be done easily. The cranks donít cost a $1000 dollars list price is $850 and can be bought for less. As I mentioned in my previous post the engine we ran last year had a cast crank, which costs $320 we ran it 30 races with no problems. As a rule we turned it 7200 RPMs but many nights it seen more. What ever you decide to do I humbly wish you good luck.

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posted March 26, 2002 01:33 PM
I am not sure about the info that is stated here.

THe only forged crank that I am aware for a 360 is the mopar performance piece which is now selling for about $800 dollars correct me if I am wrong.
This crank is a heavy piece when compared to any of the chevy cranks or any of the chevy lightweight cranks.

A chevy stock block is lighter and so are the chevy heads when compared.

If also trying to figure out where a lightweight piston can be purchased for a small block mopar.

Most times all you can find are flat tops in a forged piston for mopar. Ross does make one that puts out 12.5 to 1. but again it weighs 100 grams more than a chevy with more compression.

I challenge the statement that mopar makes more power per dollar. How can this be when the chevy is lighter and the prices are less for better parts.

The money that is spent tricking out the mopar oil system alone is not free and none this has to be done to a chevy.

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posted March 27, 2002 07:36 AM
hhhmmm, i seem to have been successfull beating chevy engines with my big old heavy ford stuff lol i think you are just like a sheep when you follow the flock, sometimes u might have to think outside the box, if you know what i mean? it would be a real dull world if we all raced chevys aka: ASA racing

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posted March 27, 2002 02:22 PM
Cleatus, I run a mod with a mopar and I'll tell you that I do it because I want to be different and because it's easy to run a chevy. With that said, let me clue you in to some problems that I've experienced. Motor mounts are a problem. Unless you want to cut the chevy mounts out of your car and weld the mopar mounts in, you have to fabricate an adapted chevy mount to your mopar block. I've done just this. Then, coming up with a mount for an after-market racing power steering pump. I got a pattern for one from another mopar guy, and had it fabricated, it was VERY expensive. Just a couple of things to look at. Chevy parts are very abundant and CHEAP. You can get light-weight chevy stuff, and mopar stuff is just being available.
In the end, you have to ask yourself if you want to race cheaply, or to be different. I love mopars and that's one reason why I do what I do. The choice is yours and if I can be of any help, send me an email. Thanks and.............See ya at the track!!

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posted March 28, 2002 05:22 PM

While its true you can outrun chevies with heavy stuff and variety is the spice of life and all.
I was like many of you and thought I was gonna be different and run mopar and in fact did it for 3 seasons back when no mopar pieces were available.

I had some good runs in the car but I found that in my opinion there was no advantage only the fact that you can be diffrent than others and that your wallet is lighter when running a mopar.

I am not a huge chevy fan just someones thats done the math and the research and based on that feel that running a Ford or dodge is not the way to go for me.

Best of luck !!

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posted March 28, 2002 10:01 PM
Terry Henson drove a car for Doug Cray at 1-30 & Beebe. he was fast in this car. They ran a 400 motor. If i was to run a Mopar I would look Doug Cray up, he was sharp on these motors. These motors did not cost to much.

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posted March 29, 2002 09:03 AM
The problem with running a 400, or any big block motor for that matter, is the weight. In Mods, rear percentage as well as overall weight is a big part of the game, and if you handicap yourself with an extra 75 to 100 lbs. on the front, that means that you're going to have to add that much weight or more to the rear. This gets the weight of your car up in the 2700# area. When the rest of your competitors are running cars around 2350, they will be able to drive much deeper in the corners as well as drive away from you on the straights. The decision is yours, but I definitely would stay away from any big block power. Just my opinion, and............see ya at the track!!

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