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Author Topic:   What kind of rules would you like to see?
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posted December 14, 2001 09:05 AM
Right now your on site of the ground breaking of a new sanctioning body. For 2002 we are going to sanction the Limited Modifieds in Texas, but in 2003 we're planning to branch off and add the "full" modifieds. We want something "somewhat" affordable and competitive for the guys who can't afford $10-20k motors.

Please reply or email us a list of rules you would like to see or not like to see.

A couple of things that have come up already are:
4-5 years down the line allow quickchange rearends. You say how can this be affordable if everyone has to go and buy new rearends? True, but by setting a future date, it should give everyone time to begin to phase out the 9" and phase in the quickchange. Ford 9" - at least $1,800 plus $400 more for each set of gears. Quickchange, $1,500 plus $56 for each set of gears.
Hard tire. Something along the lines of the IMCA tire. Our thought was to have an American Racer tire built to our specs and allow either the SIMS plated American Racer or the IMCA plated tire as your tire choices.
No alum. heads or blocks.
2,400 lb weight rule
$650.00 claim
Non sticker wheels OK - No alum wheels
5" spoiler allowed
We've also had two opinions come up about either having a spec carburator to help level the playing feild, or a restrictor plate that you get from us so that they are all the same. That's been brought up, but thus far it hasn't received many complements.
Transmissions - we haven't got that far yet, but tell us what you think.

For all of you people saying, "well, this eliminates me from racing unless I go buy all new parts", I think we have a solution for that. We've also been thinking about having a class called the SIMS Outlaw Touring Series. A race would be held at a different track each week on 3 Sundays every month April-Sept. The shows would pay a min. of $750 to win, and basically the rules would be similar to that of UMP. Soft tire, alum heads ok, high $$ tranny ok, lay it all out and go fast!

Nothing is set in stone for any of this yet, but this is our vision for the future of SIMS racing in Tx, Ok., and La.

Let us know what you think by either replying or emailing us. Thanks and have a Happy Holiday Season from SIMS!

Please be sure to visit our website at

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