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Author Topic:   PANHARD BAR /FRAME ANGLE ????
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posted December 01, 2001 05:44 PM
I had to weld a bar on my car to make it a front pinion mounted j-bar car. The only way to make the frame mount bar fit was to weld it in a little bit farther forward than what it should be. My j-bar now has a noticeable angle to the rear of the car. It is not even with the pinion mount on the rearend. Will this cause a problem to have the bar in a angle from the frame mount to the pinion mount? The frame mount is probably a inch and a half (1 Ĺ) ahead of the pinion mount. There is no way to move the frame mount any farther back because it will hit the coil over assembly. Just want to make sure that this will not have a negative effect on the handling of the car. I didnít think that it would matter about the angle cause the car doesnít know if the bar is parallel to the rearend or ahead of it.

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posted December 01, 2001 10:55 PM
I know they say to run it parrallel with the rear end, but mine angles back alittle bit probably as much as yours. I would say most of the ones I've seen have some sort of angle to the front or rear just becouse of stuff being in the way try to get it perfect.

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posted December 02, 2001 10:55 AM
jack up the left side of the car till the left side wheels come off the ground. then see if the j bar will still move (at the heims) forward and back if the j bar is bound up make a spacer on the pinon side 1/2 to 3/4" long i know it is on more of angle then that but we just want to get it freed up and i think any longer then 3/4" we might break the j bar bolt on the pinon side as long as the j bar is free of binds it is ok it will not hurt handling

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