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Author Topic:   Reese/lift Bar, who has run it ????
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posted November 09, 2001 05:07 PM
My modified has a Reese/lift bar (trailer sway bar that mounts to bracket on rearend) on it for traction. The bars that come from Reese and Drawtite are 550-600lbs of rate. I found that Southwest Speed sells a bar that is 350lbs. I have purchased this bar and found the car hooks better on the dry (obviously) but haven't tried it on a heavy track. I'm looking for some feedback on whether I should try a 5th spring or a pullrod instead. Any suggestions ????????

James Birmingham
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posted November 09, 2001 05:30 PM
I ran the light bar on a LM on a very dry slick track with a 2 link and a brake spring and shock. Man the thing would hook up. It was such a simple set up you couldnt get out of the zone hardly. I dont know about a heavy track the 2 I ran at the time we had that car, never got tacky.

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posted November 13, 2001 10:13 AM
Ran one of these when I ran a Howe 3rd design.Had it on leafs with the rearend floated and ran a 350 lb bar on the left side (besides the right of the driver).the setup worked really well on an dry track,Wet track it hard to unhook it from the track,(never did run the bar on the right side of the chassis tho)

Western PA MOD GUY
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posted November 14, 2001 04:06 PM
I ran the 500# bar but had trouble with the car hooking up so i droped it down to the lighter bar and one night the track was heavy and tacky and I bent the bar. I now run a 500# bar as my lift bar but I run a 200# spring on the end of it for my 5th coil. Works well.

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posted November 15, 2001 05:57 PM
Thanks for the input. I just realized that I forgot to mention the type of suspension I'm running. It's a Z-link suspension with equal length bars 20" on all four bars and they are not adjustable on the frame, so the angles stay the same except for the change during travel. The bars were mounted level at 5" of ride height. The rearend is floated and doesn't have the capability of being clamped down. I use the lift bar for traction and have an adjustable snubber bar on top of the rearend to put load on the bar and control braking (along with a 90/10 shock.

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posted November 21, 2001 01:22 AM
What chassis brand,I have a rear suspension just like that, i run a pull bar with 1250lb spring hooks up great.

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posted November 22, 2001 11:45 AM
The chassis was built by Lou Fegers race cars. But the rear suspension was done by the dealer I bought it from, Winning Attitude Motorsports. W.A. orders the chassis without rear suspension and then adds their own. I'm just trying to learn more myself, to get the most out of my car. I have tried a pull-rod, but it has a long rubber absorber (??? not sure what to call it) in it. It's too soft for a hooked up track but is pretty good when the track is dry.

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