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Author Topic:   kosiski z-link
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posted October 20, 2001 02:46 AM
I run a 97 Kosiski 2-link(swing-arm) rear suspension-LF 1150 RF 1250 LR250 RR225, short panhard bar 11" long, springs mounted on swingarms panhard bar mounted on left side bottom hole on rearend pinion plate. About 5" rake car is wickedly fast on an average track but dryslick, car seems to have very little forward bite. I run a pull bar with 1250 spring 1/8" preload, about 8degree pinion angle.
percents.....LS 52% Rear/54% Diagonal 47%
Is the diagonal hurting me on the dryslick?
Is it thw pull bar spring?
I usually run about 50-75lbs of lead on the left rear. Should I put more lead on the back?
I have plenty of side bite, just need forward bite!

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posted October 20, 2001 02:49 AM
z-link not 2-link sorry!

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posted October 20, 2001 08:07 AM
Andy, Is this car underslung in the rear? I'm sure it is and the body roll is taking the weight off the left rear wheel....if you don't see the paint messed up from the rear housing hitting it........that's because the shock is running out of travle. And don't say when you jack the car up the housing hits the frame before the shock runs out of travle, and you don't see marks in the frame, so it isn't running out of travle.
As the body rolls the pan bar pulls the rear housing to the left, as it does this the shock mounts are getting farther away from each other.......this means LESS travle is available, so under body roll the shock will run out of travle BEFORE the rear housing hits the frame.......It took me a long time to find this on our car.

Your cross does seem a little now, I would like to see the corner weights......if I wasn't too lazy I would sit down and figure them out right now.......Your right front must be realy light. remember, the right front is what helps push the left rear down.

also, 5 inchs of rake? front to rear? that seems a little much to me.......where are you measuring from?.......that again sounds like the rear ride height is tooo high, letting the bottom tube of the chassis hit the rear housing pulling the weight off the left rear tire during body roll.

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posted October 24, 2001 03:08 PM
I agree with Jeff. I think your cross is too light, and you need more rear weight. At Batesville, we had similar numbers and we added 100lbs. rear weight and added cross. It helped do two things: it tightened up the car, and it also gave us forward bite. Hope this helps and .........see ya at the track!!!

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