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Author Topic:   IMCA Muffler
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posted October 18, 2001 08:46 AM UIN: 16262997
Has anyone run a dyno test to see how much you lose with it? I installed them on our car just a few weeks ago to see what the difference was, it sure made the car quieter. Like sticking a potatoe in it.


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posted October 18, 2001 11:45 AM
A few years back, I ran a UMP track that implemented a muffler requirement.

Subsequently, the local speed shop sold out of everything except the IMCA muffler.

We went with what they had and tacked it on backward (the small end out). It looked like this might be the least restrictive on the exhaust path.

Not sure on power loss or if this would pass an IMCA tech inspection.

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posted October 19, 2001 03:19 PM
I put 'em on a few months ago to run at a track where they were required and I've just left them on. I can't tell any difference, other than they've taken the noise edge off the exhaust. I like 'em. Years ago I ran zoomies (weed burners) on a big block in a Late Model. Believe me when I say mufflers are better. :-}

Wild Bunch Racing
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posted October 19, 2001 06:36 PM
I really like running a muffler. It seems to help me tune my torque cure better and the noise is gone.

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