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Author Topic:   grape scent for alky ??
Dirt Full Roller

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posted September 29, 2001 08:54 AM
I know this has been asked before, but any help would be good. I am wanting know were I can buy some of the stuff that makes the alcohol fumes a litlle more tolerable.

I remember ready on here about some stuff that was grape or cherry scented.

Does it work and if so where can I get it? Also has it affected the engines performance ?
Thanks so much

Dirt Maniac

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posted September 29, 2001 12:44 PM
I think most places that sell race stuff have it, but the biggest selection of scents that I saw were from Jegs.

Dirt Administrator

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posted September 29, 2001 01:08 PM UIN: 16262997
M and M Race Equipment sells it.....The are sponsors of this forum....I would hope that you buy from them since they do support us on The Dirt Forum. I have some of the grape for our fuel from really well.


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posted September 29, 2001 09:21 PM
I used chery, and it smells like ya got a pir in the oven. Since I use lemon sented Pledge as a poor mans mud off, you could say its the sweet smell of sucess..(well almost)

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posted September 30, 2001 01:23 AM
The bannana smells good, but isn't very strong. However it seems like it makes the methanol so that you don't smell it very much either. They make cinnamon too, but I haven't tried it. The grape seems to be the best, strongest smelling.

C-ya, Jbenn

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posted September 30, 2001 09:44 AM
The scents go back to the Jolly Rancher candy exhibition drag vehicles and wheel standers of the 70's. They used a patennted method of actually injecting their raw mixture into the headers to really fill the air with the aroma ~ ~ ~ ~. This was an obvious crowd pleaser as the wheel standing fire truck they had, used to fill the air with cinnamon when it made a pass. Then you could go by the pits and get free candy, personally that was better than smelling it to me.

The scents of today cost around 10-15 bucks a bottle, and a bottle will treat 55 gals of alky or 20 gals of gasoline. They are a great deal softer in scent but does take a bit of the harshness away from the alky. They are colored in the container but turn clear in alky, and seem to have no effect on performance.

Not being a cinnamon kinda guy I use the tropical punch scent in my alky injected street/strip car more for novelty, and to mask the smell of daquiris being mixed in my pit area...LOL


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posted October 01, 2001 07:40 AM
Thanks all, I wiil give it a shot.

Thanks for the help.


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posted October 01, 2001 10:17 PM
that's a great idea . let me know it you see margarita scent anywhere. lol

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