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Author Topic:   Ride Heights vs Weight Distribtion
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posted September 06, 2001 10:04 AM
I have a Z-Link chassis built by Kosiski. What is more important as far as set-up is concerned, ride heights or the weight distribution on each tire that will give me the desired crossweight, rear percentages, and left side weight? When I get the percentages right, it throws off the ride heights. What would you recommend for crossweight percentage for this chassis. The track ends up being dry slick at feature.

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posted September 06, 2001 05:02 PM
Have you tried setting car at ride heights and then taking a round on and a round off on oppisite corners.I have went from 60pounds right rear bite to 60 # left rear without changing ride heights at all.To add left rear turn on the right front and on the left rear and off the left front and off the right rear one turn at a time until you get your desired corner weights.Do the oppisite to take out left rear.

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posted September 06, 2001 06:25 PM
To adjust weight distribution without changing ride hieghts you have to adjust all 4 corners as race8k has said, for instance if you want more cross weight put a turn in the RF & LR and take a turn out of LF & RR and youll notice your ride hieghts will be the same also your left side weight % and you rear weight % will remain unchanged even though the LR weight has been increased with the cross weight adjustment. To get more or less left side or rear weight % you must physically move weight in the car.

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