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Author Topic:   pull bar angle???need help asap(at least before we go to boone)
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posted August 29, 2001 09:08 PM
i need help..........ive been chasing a loose car on corner exit....tried every thing but moving my pull bar to the driver side more!!!
im doing this tonight...but need to know what angle to mount this at 14 degrees now(do i need more or less angle)...i need forward bite on very dry slick 1/2 mile track!!

also....i have a 60in on center far from the inside of the drivers side rotor should i mount the pull bar(im using an afco pull bar with the light progressive spring)

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posted August 29, 2001 09:56 PM
whats the spring rate? also i have found out that you have to tear the afco unit apart and clean them or the plastic bushing will stick or bind up. if it binds up instead of working the spring it can cause a lack of cushion on throttle which would create a lack of forward bite. i went from a 800lb spring to a 600lb. on a 2 link car

dirt mod 70
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posted August 29, 2001 10:34 PM
its a progressive spring.....600-1000 lbs. i clean it every 6 nights or so. my problem lies in the location of the pull bar(ive been told this several times!) its mounted 11" farther to the right than a dirt works moving it to the left and am looking for better location than now....

i think i can find alot more bite in the car just by moving the pull bar over!!!

will side bite be adversly affected??

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posted August 30, 2001 05:39 AM
Where are the brackets located on the rear end? If they are mounted closer to the right rear, it will be loose, loose,loose. We mount our upper brackets at the center line of the rear end measured hub to hub. The pull bar hole is 13.5" above the centerline of the axle and 3" behind. We space them 6" apart to allow the pull bar to move 3" left to right off center.

I would also suggest that you mount the front of your pull bar somewhere near the drive shaft loop. That will offset it to the right side of center line and basically get it to point at the RF a-arm. This will help lift some weight from the RF onto the LR under acceleration, tightening the car on exit. I would run somewhere between 15-20 deg down angle on the pull bar.



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posted August 30, 2001 08:26 AM
As far as the mount on the rearend that eagle described that is pretty typical and works well, it allows about 6" of adjustment laterally, I usually install it so that the righthand mount is at the center of the rearend and the lefthand side is 6" left of center. and about 3" behind. i make the front mount the same way because the bar should remain parallel to the centerline of the car. If the bar is angled laterally it will add a lateral force verctor to the geometry. The slight angle isnt a major factor but the is no advantage to it. I assume the car is a 2-link so i would reccomend (depends upon length of trailing arms) making the bar 12-18" long with 15-20 degrees down angle (also depends on trailing arm angle) If you are running the lr spring in front and the rr either behind or on top i would start with a 600lbs spring other wise i would go as stiff as you can without having problems keeping the tires from spinning. I have ran as stiff as 1000lbs on 2-links before.

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posted August 30, 2001 06:14 PM
I am glad you got on this subject my torque link mounted center of the rear and towards the right on the chassis i pulled i string and measured how far it went to the right and it was 8 inches off the centerline of the car so now i moved it towards the left 2 inches off the centerline because someone told me it would tighten the car up so what can i expect

dirt mod 70
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posted August 30, 2001 08:48 PM
THANKS FOR INFO going to try it fri night....

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