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Author Topic:   4 link problems
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posted August 12, 2001 09:55 PM
I have a new dirt works 4 link car and I am having problems with it rolling over. Unlike most problems w/ 4 links rolling over, my problem is that it isnt rolling. It will roll the rr tire all the way over to the beadlock w/ a good amount of air pressure, but i have no body roll. I want to body roll so that the birdcage will index and to get some roll steer. I have run a z link swing arm on the rr w/ 4 link on the lr and i still dont get the body roll that another guy i race w/ that has the exact same setup. I am pretty sure that there is a problem in the lr, has anyone had this problem. My setup is 700lf, 750rf, 225lr, 200rr, short panhard bar from chassis to left side of pinion w/ a fairly steep angle, monte bar, 58.5% rear, 50.5 to 51.5 wedge, 65 lbs rear split. thanks

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