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Author Topic:   aframe travel
Dirt Roller

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posted June 20, 2001 08:11 PM
hey everyone have a ? is 1 inch of travel a nofe between the frame and the aframe. i was told that i should try and get a least 3 inche'sit dosn't bottom out but almost 1/4 inche left on shock.i have a push going in to the middle. car bouncing a little in corner' is my set up.lf 922 rf 821 lr 780 rr 987 lf shock afco 1020 rf 1021 left side 1909 leftside %54.39 rear1767 rear% 50.34 crossweight 1808 cross% 51.51 spring's are lf 1100 rf 1200 lr 200 rr175 i haven't tryed it yet but i already but the a 1200 inthe lf and a 1300 in rf ..thank you need help baddddd

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted July 06, 2001 08:31 AM
If you need distance between the upper a-arm and frame, you can get taller balljoints.

If you need distance between the lower a-arm and frame, you can get spring spacers or adjusters.

Regardless of which it is, you will want to get the lowers parallel with the ground and then adjust everything else from there.

Hope it helps and good luck.

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