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Author Topic:   suspension software
Dirt Full Roller

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posted February 15, 2001 01:40 PM
What types of sowtware does everyone use and what are some pros and cons of each. I was looking at some performance trends software. "circle track analyzer" and their new prog. "3-D Suspension Analyzer" I want to buy 1 in a few weeks.
I have used the roll center calc and likeed it. I was wondering if there is any better stuff out there??
Does anyone have any they want to sell??

Dirt Maniac

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posted March 05, 2001 12:35 PM
You might want to look at bill mitchells racing by the numbers software package. It is the best front suspension geometry program i have used, most of the other ones i have seen are pretty limited. As far as rear suspension, i haven't seen one that is any good or even useful. In reality there isn't a huge need for one since rear suspension geometry is quite simple and can be drafted by hand or quite efectively done on autocad.

Dirt Administrator

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posted March 19, 2001 05:08 PM UIN: 16262997
I want to work on an online version for everyone....I think it could help to be free to everyone....Give me some time.


Dirt Roller

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posted May 01, 2001 05:35 PM
Sounds like a good idea, something to easily calculate roll center would be a nice feature as well!!

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