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Author Topic:   fuel line sizes
Dirt Roller

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posted July 18, 2001 05:24 PM
Hey guys,
If my double pumper carb only has a 3/8 hole filling the bowls, why do I need 1/2 inch from the pump to the carb and 5/8 from the cell to the pump. I've never used a fuel log, only a fuel block. Am I missing something. Any help is appreciated.

Dirt Roller

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posted July 22, 2001 08:48 AM
most people running alcohol are using a fuel log or a large braided line Y type of inlet for their carb. Each inlet of the carb bowl is close to 3/8 of an inch so if you add 3/8 plus 3/8 your going to be over a 1/2 inch in total inlet size, therefor I would suggest that you run #8 or 1/2 inch from the pump to the carb. Now if your using one of the chrome mr. gasket fuel line setups that threads into the carb and only has a 3/8 push on fitting for your fuel hose then yes it would be pointless to run the big line.

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Dirt Roller

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posted July 22, 2001 09:43 PM
Thanks Team,
A drag racer told me his car picked up mph just giving the engine more fuel. I've also been told the only way to lean a motor out is to under jet it.
I'll try the new 1/2 inch and report it if anybody wants to know.

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