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Author Topic:   Adjusting 3 bar links.
Dirt Roller

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posted July 17, 2001 10:07 PM UIN: 3107810
Generally, what effect on handling will moving the bars up or down on the frame have. Right now the left bar is in the middle hole, and the right bar is in the upper hole.(3 holes to adjust) What about the spring loaded bar over the center of the rear. This affects your forward bite, correct? The car has a long straight panhard running from the frame on the left, to the axle tube on right. This is the way the car was set up by the previous owner, and it is a winning car. But we are trying to get it all figured out and I have a lot more questions I will ask as i think of them. Thanks


Dirt Roller

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posted July 18, 2001 12:30 AM
Ok the mounts on the car are for controling the rearend in the corner. If you keep the rearend square under the car, and move the (left)link higher on the frame, as you enter the corner and the car roles onto the right, it pulls the frame up thus moving the rearend forward (more rear steer). The higher the link on the frame, with more roll in the car, the more steer in the rearend. As for the 5th coil, the lower the link on the frame, with less preload on the spring, is usually used on a dry slick track. The higher up on the frame, with more preload the better it is on a tacky, wet, horsepower track. When you adjust the 5th coil make sure to watch the pinion angle, to much you will kill some u joints. Good luck. ltr spde

Dirt Maniac

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posted July 18, 2001 02:30 PM
Changing the angle of the lower links will change the amount of anti-squat (lift) under accel. The loose roll steer is a side effect of the change in angle. Personally i don't see a benifit in having roll steer in a race car, but it is often a neccesary evil. Typically i like the lower links level and then change the anti-squat with the torque-link, lowering on the front to increase and vise versa. But you can add wedge to the car under accel by having the lr angled up more than the rr, thus tightening exit.

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posted August 10, 2001 06:00 PM
wfo i run a swingarm but i have not any luck with it i was thinking going to a 3 link i have a rear end with all the brackets for a 3 link . More i look at my chassis mounting points i think the car was made for a 3 link 15 degrees is all the angle i can get. Were is the best place to put the rear springs . Is the foward bite any better in the 3 link i am not happy with the swingarm . Could you give me a quick tech on this type of suspenion WPP

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posted August 13, 2001 02:29 PM
I'm not big on giving general setups because they vary too much but here is basically what i ran on 3-links for years and had sucess with. I like to run the trailing arms as long as possible and between 0 and 5 degrees and the torque-link about 12-18" long (dependant upon length of trailing arms ) and between 15-20 degrees.
Usually run the lr spring in front and the rr behind.
You will find a 3-link is much easier to understand than the z-link, i personally feel the z-link is more versitile than a 3-link but the adjustments are more complex.

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