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Author Topic:   4 BAR DRY SLICK
Dirt Newbie

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posted July 17, 2001 09:10 PM
I am extremely loose on dry slick from middle out. My set up is 900lf 100rf 200lr 150rr. left rear spring behind, right rear ahead. 120lbs of bite in lr, allstar pullbar at about 28degrees 36.5" long. running short panhard bar at top hole on pinion up to frame 1.5" (left side frame mount). 59%rear. Car wants to roll hard on RR and pull left front off the ground. lr upper bar 20degees lr lower bar 5degrees. (same on rr). Will putting the spring behind on rr help?

Dirt Full Roller

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posted July 17, 2001 09:30 PM
If you can move the lr spring in front of axle that will help "wedge" the car under power..are tire temps close to even across the rear? You might have to add more lr bite...also maybe move panhard up to keep car from rolling so much....what about ballast (height and location)

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