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Author Topic:   Tight in middle
Dirt Newbie

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posted July 12, 2001 09:56 PM
Car goes in well but pushes middle out. Tried raising jbar 1" on each end and it really loosened it up going in. tried leading LR 1/4" but car seamed to start turning in way too soon. Springs lf 750 RF 850 lr 250 rr 200 190#lr bite 2 link with red bisquit thing.Car rolls over nice and am wondering if this mid push is because I'm rolled on RR or if the excessive wedge is pushing it . Thanks for any help

Dirt Forum Racer

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posted July 13, 2001 08:11 AM
I would decrease the LR bite some or if you didnt want to do that, you could decrease the RF spring rate.

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